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Franchise Details

  • Location: India

  • State: tamilnadu

  • City: Chennai

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Why The Belgian Waffle Co.?
BWC has seen exponential growth in India in under 4 years and has already populated tier 1, 2 and 3 cities with unprecedented success for a new brand. The product and brand has been universally loved, highly appreciated and is ready to embark on to the next phase by entering International Waters. With more than 200+ outlets in India and with a presence in NEPAL and DUBAI we are now marching ahead to increase our international footprint with aspiration’s of becoming a global brand.

  • International appeal – Strong branding, global product, premium taste and ingredients
  • Great ROI – Low food cost, operational expenses and attractive capex
  • Leader in the wale QSR segment – Top of the line menu offerings, great taste,vegetarian friendly, portable and on-the-go,200+ outlets
  • High shelf life allows for global scale – Major products have 6-9 month shelf life
  • The Belgian Waffle Co.U.S.Ps

    1. Crispiness -We constantly deliver freshly baked, delicious, “crispy, yet soft”waffles with an alluring aroma and a perfect taste.

    2. Our Secret -A well researched formulation, and continuousinnovation ensures a superlative product experience.

    3. 100% Vegetarian – Our specially formulated batter is egglessand our ingredients are vegetarian to ensurea global appeal and long shelf life.

    4. On The Go Goodness – Redefining the way waffles are delivered from a fine dining,sit down experience to an on the go treat – simple, convenient,portable and delicious.

    5. Profitable – Built with an understanding of the constraints of high rents, the model makes optimum use of space and manpower whilst delivering consistent quality and inspirational products at affordable pricing.

    6. Branding – Brand identity is warm, approachable and nostalgic while simultaneously maintaining a young, innovative and quirky persona.

    Our Vision
    To be a Global Player in the QSR segment, recognized for dessert offerings and values of Aordability, Quality and Simplicity

    The Concept
    Introducing the Waffle Sandwich – also known as The BWC Waff-Wich! A crisp, hot, freshly baked, affordable and wholesome product with innovative batters and fillings and a unique packaging that makes dispensing easy, with the convenience of portability. BWC has fans from age 8 to age 80 and makes for a perfect on the go, anytime snack/dessert/ breakfast option.