Bite A Slice

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Franchise Details

  • Investment Range: 17l

  • Location: India

  • State: tamilnadu

  • City: Chennai

  • Views: 1


Our Service Goal : 

To make each customer happy with yes attitude  .​

Our mission :

To be the best restaurant in city.​

People should recommend us all their relatives, friends & colleges.​

Bite A Slice creates a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for customers in a well-designed and productive environment in which people can work happily.  ​

We are sensitive to the presentation and taste of good food as well as to high-quality ingredients.  ​

We look forward to provide the best possible value to our customers who desire great tasting food  to customers with the satisfaction of receiving a great value.​  

Our Vision  : 

Our motto is to generate business opportunity to people who can be self entrepreneur & can create platform of job opportunities to others.​

Bite a slice outlet business is definitely promising for our Indian market &  recipes are unique, affordable & definitely tasty where from kids to elders all will relish.​


MAKING. Trusted favorite brand​

MAIN DIFFERENCE POINT. A strong  original fast food concept that exist since 2011​

FUTURE EXPECTATIONS. Spreading Branches all over India.​

Team Training & Operation :​

Every new employee has to go through a specific pre-designed training program for that level of employment. ​

The same machines are used by all outlets for making the dishes. Standard recipes have to be followed by the chefs who receive thorough training for the same. ​

Specification chart needs to be in place & people should be educated with job aids.

Team Training & Operation :​

Every new employee has to go through a specific pre-designed training program for that level of employment. ​

The same machines are used by all outlets for making the dishes. Standard recipes have to be followed by the chefs who receive thorough training for the same. ​


Being a franchisor we are very much supportive to our entrepreneurs.

We give all the support as follows.​

1. Setting up the restaurant .​
2. Product supply as per the schedule.​
3. Team member Training ​
4. Standard operating procedures and guidelines.​
5. Marketing tools supply Menu brouchers,Banners,T-shirts,Gift vouchers standees & corporate tie-ups.​
6. New product introduction after every 3 months.​
7. Complete education of the concept to the entrepreneur.​
8. Accounting and analyzing the reports with understanding.​
9. P&L educating and controlling.​
10. Advertising support to increasing sale on daily basis.( online advertising and corporate tie ups ).​

. SOP ( standard operating procedure)

Task 1: Restaurant should be open at management decided time.​

Operator / Manager should open the store.​

All team members including manager / operator should follow the duty roster.​

made by the manager/operator.​

Restaurant should have one store incharge under training .

Task 2 : Log book & attendance​

Operator or Manager should maintain the operational information’s​

And day today activity in managers Log book.​

Updating Labour attendance Register day with the government low.

Task 3 : Equipment & setup​

Combi Oven : Should start for checking working status . ( keep it on )​

Conveyer oven ( middleby Marshall ) : need to start half an hour before operation time and do the product quality check. ( need minimum 2 cylinders.

Product making table : Make table should be switch on before half an hour .​

Temperature must be between 2*c to 4*c . Before stocking.​

Coffee Machine : Switch on the machine setup and wait for 5 minutes and dispense coffee one shot.​

POS system :  Before you start the operation punch one demo bill check the system working fine.​
Griller :  Griller must be on and preheat the temperature before the opening time.​
And maintain the temperature throughout the operation time.​
Exoust :  Exoust must be on half an hour before the opening to maintain the restaurant temperature​
Deep friyer machine : Should be preheated half an hour before the opening time .​
Temperature must be maintain 180*c .​
Music system :  music system must be on time of opening only instrumental music is allowed.​
Birth day song is allowed on the customer request or at the birthday party time.​
Cash Handling and setup : Cashier / Manager / operator should handle the business transactions with proper system knowledge should answer customer query and do the suggestive selling. ​

Cash Till : should equipped with the following ​

1. Bill rolls 2 nos.​
2. Manual bill book ( printed only )​
3. Pen ,stapler,calculater,restaurant stamps address / paid /sealed stamped.​
4. Punch pad​
5. Rubber bands​
6. Billing chart /menu tax chart.​

Cash Handling : Restaurant Float Amount must be maintain on 3000/-rs.​

And safe amount as restaurant operating cash minimum 20,000/-rs.​

Keys Handling : Restaurant keys and cash handling keys should be the responsible person.​

It can be a operator / manager Or cashier (optional) as a store in charge.​

Key factors of running a restaurant.​

 Restaurant should be ready with the following fields.​

Product  : needs to check the availability for next three days.​

Equipments    : needs to check the all the equipments are working fine.​

Water supply  : continues water supply if not plan before the problem.​

People   : People should be educated enthusiastic about work.​

Electricity  : Power panels / MCB needs to be check daily.​

Fueling  :  DG,stock with the diesel /Bikes must be ready with fuel and maintenance free.​

Operator or manager should be well educated with needs of the restaurant ​

 how to tackle with  the problem in day today operation.​

Rio water supply :  in the restaurant Hot water and cold water is must in day today operation.
Team member personal Hygiene at Restaurant Grooming standards :


1. Hair must be trimmed ( official cut only )​
2. Cleaned shave ​
3. Daily bathing ​
4. Using of soft deo .​
5. Clean an ironed uniform.​
6. Nails should be trimmed.​


1. Hair must be tucked back like pony.​
2. Clean an little light make up.​
3. Using soft deo.​
4. No jewelry allowed except engagement ring or single bangles or required jewelry.​
5. Clean ironed uniform.  ​
6. Nails must be trimmed ( nail polish not allowed )​

Team Member must be followed the following : ​

1.Wearing clean uniform.​

2. No uniform to be stored at restaurant.​

3. Use cap all the time in the restaurant hair must be covered. ( food safety rule)​

4. i) Black trousers ​

    ii) Brand provided T-Shirt only.​

    iii) Black Shoes. ( black socks ).​

     iv) Cap Brand provided only.​

Hand wash at restaurant :

Wash hands before any food preparation .​

Touching or handling any food products.

Hand wash after :​

1. Smoking ​
2. Touching face , cloth, hair , nose.​
3. Handling cash.​
4. Coughing / sneezing ​
5. Handling garbage.​
6. Cleaning of sections in the restaurant​

Exit strategy

  • Pretend to closing down the operations in that case.​
  • Owner suppose to give a franchisor a 2 months notice.​
  • So that franchisor can help you to sell that runing business to other parties on the satisfactory amount or franchisor may buy that equipment’s for the up coming stores .​
  • Tentatively 50% amount can be recovered by selling assets on your own.   ​