Chai Ke Diwane

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Franchise Details

  • Investment Range: 5L-10L

  • Location: India

  • State: tamilnadu

  • City: Chennai

  • Views: 290


Chai Ke Diwane is a concept of making Chai serving an organised way and
also bringing affordability and satisfaction with every cup of chai. This serving model will be used in the door to door service and will be
available for small markets, large markets, commercial shops, events,
meetings etc. It has 2 Director’s, Mr. Ganesh Supankar & Mr. Ritesh Sonavane with Marketing, Sales and Finance backgrounds. Chai Ke Diwane has begun its journey from hotspots of Pune and Lonavala.

Who Are We?

We are the chai specialists – “Chai Ke Diwane!” A registered brand with 17 outlets already operational, within 8months of inception.

How To Order?

  • Through phone/ our mobile app. (Available on Android and IOS)
  • Delivery Free (Only available in 2 km area)

Menu Options

  • We serve pure veg
  • Serves a variety of Chai
  • Chai combos also served, including pizzas and pasta and burgers for the children.
  • Avg. bill amount will be Rs. 100*
  • Seasonal menu can be available

Why choose us?

  • Hygiene is paramount to us. We deliver freshly made chai right to your doorstep, with fresh and natural ingredients.
  • There is always a delivery boy available for you. Each delivery boy uses an electric bike, an environment- friendly and pollution-free mode of transport.
  • All deliveries done within 15-20 mins.
  • Operational hours are 7am to 10pm.
  • Each outlet distributes avg. 1000* chai in one day.
  • Rs.10 per chai, with 2 biscuits (complementary).
  • Easy breakeven
  • Avg income is 1-2 Lacs*

Source of income

1. D2D

  • Our team does the ground marketing and survey around the outlet’s location.
  • We create a customer base and a map as per the survey and appoint delivery boys for the distribution of chai.
  • You can easily order chai through your phone and app.

2.Mobile App/Phone

  • We do have our user friendly android and iOS based app.
  • We create a customer base and a map as per the survey and appoint delivery boys for the distribution of chai.
  • Your chai is just a missed call away


  • We do build the finest cafes with all possible amenities to attract the customer.
  • Brand never compromise on look & feel
  • The serving time is 10-15 min

4.Online Food Ordering App

  • We do have tie-up with most demanding food ordering app

How do we work?

Our business models include,
  • QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurant)
  • Food trucks
  • FOCO – Franchise owned company operated (Commercial
    Buildings & Office Complex)
  • D2D (Door To Door) delivery – Only for outskirts area; We
    give franchise to the best operations manager in the world –
    the housewives. They prepare freshly brewed tea and delivery
    boys distribute it further from one shop to the other.

Models of CKD

There are basically 3 Models of Chai Ke Diwane,

1. The Kiosk Model

  • The Kiosk model has a variety of affordable snacks menu
    and will be present in IT parks, food courts, Malls, high
    street etc.
  • Area needed would be min 300* sq ft.

2. The Food Truck Model

  • The Food truck is equipped to cook and sell Snacks menu.
  • Food truck can go to where the customers are. example near exhibitions ,crowded areas etc

3.The D2D Model

  • D2D model stands for Door to Door model where in Chai can be made at the premises (home ,shops etc) and severed to the target market by the employees.
  • Only Chai and Biscuit menu.

Investment Opportunities

  • Kiosk Model
  • Food Truck Model
  • Kitchen to Door
  • Master Franchisee Model

Why purchase a franchise from us?

  • A reasonable franchise cost
  • It’s a cost-effective revenue model.
  • To maintain our taste, the franchise must only use our
    products exclusively (Our milk, tea leaves, bakery and
    frozen items etc.)

What all support do we give?

  • Real estate support
  • Complete support to set up an outlet
  • Payment software, inventory software, swipe
  • Social media marketing
  • Regular market survey
  • Food engineering training
  • Complete SOP
  • Unique Taste of Tea reasonable on ground Figures

Chai is totally my cup of tea. Let’s get chai pe high with CHAI KE DIWANE!!!