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KAFFE KADAI is a product of Kamadhenu Foodies,the authentic masters of traditional degree coffee concept.Our idea is to spread the goodness and exclusivity of degree coffee and make it an experience that all can appreciate and relish.We have successfully franchised the concept and to this,we have added other Traditional South Indian delicacies and snacks including sale of coffee powder, savouries, pickle varieties, cookies and more. 

We have a culture of excellence rooted in ancient wisdom and we believe in sharing the spirit of goodness and happiness throughout. 

The spirit behind KAFFE KADAI is a team of dedicated professionals who believe in the translation of ancient wisdom with the aid of modern technology.With a strong ethical business sense and amazing variety,we have slowly crafted an edifice of success – the KAFFEE KADAI brand. 


The main products of Kaffee Kadai brand are the traditional degree coffee powder and the sale of coffee itself. Additionally, our product list includes Hot Tea varieties, Chilled Refreshments, Fries, Sandwiches, Traditional snacks(daily), Cookies, Pickle varieties, Savouries(mixtures and varieties) and more.