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Franchise Details

  • Investment Range: 14.5L-15L

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Our Vision

INSTAWASH Ought To Be Synonymous With Instant And Trustworthy Laundry Solutions.

Our Mission

To Set A New Benchmark In The Campus And Corporate Laundry Segment By Providing Exceptional Service And Quality.


INSTAWASH Is A Team Of Professionals Dedicated To Provide Amazingly Instant And Spotless WASH-DRY-FOLD Service For Your Clothes At Your Doorstep.


INSTAWASH Is A New Setup Of Professionals Catering To The Most Basic Need Of Human Being – CLEAN CLOTHING.

We Are Committed At Providing This Basic Privilege To The People Through Professional Methods Of Washing, Drying And Ironing Of Clothes. This Comparatively New Concept Of Self Service, Card Operated, Automated Laundry For The People On The Go Has Been Introduced By Us For The Students On The Campus And Working Professionals In Cities.


Are The Most Advanced And Eco-Friendly Laundromats Which Provide The Best Possible And Clean Laundry Solutions To Its Clients.With Today’s Fast Paced Modern Life, People Find Very Little Time For Different Daily Chores And Laundry Is The Most Time Consuming And Boring Of Them All. But Clean And Smart Clothing Being Our Necessity, Our Clothes Needs To Be Washed And Dried Hygienically.

INSTAWASH With The Aim Of Providing Most Efficient And Professional Laundry Solutions To The People, Has Bought A Setup Of Most Advanced And Technologically Driven Washer Extractors And Tumble Dryers- Gas And Electric. These Are Advanced Laundry Equipment Compared To The Domestic Set Of Machines Which Consume Less Detergent, Electricity And Water, Thus They Are Eco-Sensitive Too.

Primitive Methods Of Beating Clothes While Washing And Using Harsh Detergents Take The Life Out Of Your Clothes, And Break Down The Fabric Texture Of Your Clothes. Efficient Laundry By Professional Machines And People Shall Enhance The Life Of Your Valuable Clothes 10-20 Times.

Students And Working People Needing To Devote More Time To Their Studies, Work And Socialising, Can Leave The Worries Of Their Laundry To The Professionals At INSTAWASH Laundromats.


IPSO Is A Technologically Advanced Brand Of ALLIANCE LAUNDRY SYSTEMS LLC – The World’s Largest Manufacturer Of Commercial Laundry Products And Provider Of Services For Laundromats.

IPSO Has Been Europe’s Preferred Commercial Laundry Equipment Manufacturer For Over 40 Years With Exclusive Focus On Industrial Laundry Has Allowed Us To Create An Unparalleled Product Development Process Designed To Produce Dependable And Efficient Equipment.

There Are Wide Options Of Washer Extractors With Various Load Capacities Which Are Also Very Economical On Water And Electricity Usage

Also During Rains Drying Of Clothes Is A Big Hassle. Drying Them Out In Sun Fades Away The Rich Colour Of Your Clothes. With Our Gas Operated Dryers, The Clothes Are Dried In Minutes And Also Keeps Your Clothes Soft.

Its Not Just The Technically Superior Machines Which Get Your Laundry Job Done. Rather Than That The Experienced And Professional Staff At Our Laundromats Will Always Be Keen To Assist You In Your Laundry Experience And Professionally Guide You In Case Of Any Specific Requirements Like :

Using Fabric Softeners To Keep Your Clothes Soft And Fragrant Removal Of Various Kinds Of Peculiar Stains Or Spots From Your Clothes Taking Extra Care Of Your White Clothes Through Solutions Such As Oxi-Bleach During The Pre-Wash Procedure, Applying Specific Solution On The Cuff And Collar Of Your Shirts To Get Rid Of That Extra Dirt Putting Absorbent Papers While Washing, To Avoid Bleeding Colours To Spread On Other Clothes Using Of Caustic Chemicals To Get Rid Of That Extra Dirt/Dust From Your Heavily Soiled Blankets And Curtains.



Washing Of Your Delicate, Daily Wear Garments, Bedding And Linen With Most Technologically Advanced Commercial WASHERS And Eco-Friendly Detergents And Fabric Softness.


Drying Of Your Cloths With Energy Efficient LPG DRYERS, Saving Time And Hassle Of Drying Cloths Out In The Sun And During Raining Season.

Steam Ironing

Steam Ironing Of Your Cloths Keeping Them Soft And Enhancing Their Life.

Pick And Drop

Pick And Drop Facility From The Clients Doorstep Can Be Provided According To The Package Offered And Other Variables.

Lounge Services

INSTAWASH Laundromats Shall Provide A Wholesome LOUNGE Experiance To Its Users In Addition To The Superior Laundry Service Of WASH, DRY, IRON & FOLD