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About us: 

In 2017, Saurabh Rathore founded and conceptualised London Bubble Co. under the banner of GMG, when he discovered the delectable phenomenon of bubble waffles and decided to introduce it in India. The first outlet was set up in Juhu, Mumbai, to a welcoming audience. London Bubble Co. offers an expansive menu with a wide variety of bubble waffles, pocket waffles, gelatos, bubble tea, bubble shakes, and other continental desserts. With a record of one waffle being sold every seven minutes, London Bubble is currently present and flourishing across major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Indore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Pune. 

Through a franchise model, London Bubble Co. has managed to exponentially grow to 70 outlets in just about 16 months. It promises to establish 50 more soon, and mark their first 100 by the end of 2019. 

Key Features: 

London bubble company is the first ever bubble Waffle brand in India, established in 2017; The first outlet was set up in Juhu, Mumbai. 

 It is the fastest growing International dessert brand in India, currently available in 12 cities across pan India with successfully 40 outlets operational and 20 in the pipeline. 

The idea behind setting up the London bubble company is to offer a broader experience of waffles to the experimentative audience. 

London bubble company offers an expansive menu with a wide variety of bubble waffles pocket waffles, gelatos, bubble tea bubble shakes and other Continental desserts. 

Flavour: London bubble company promises to redefine the idea of waffles with its variations such as bubble Waffle wraps, pocket waffles and bubble milkshakes bubble waffles are a treat to all sensors through which flavour texture fragrance and so on. 

Quality: the products of innovations creating new offerings based on observation of local appeal, tastes and packaging with excellence in the freshness and quality of the products and services. 

Presentation: They have every possible waffles range in their store hence; customer can satisfy their entire sweetest craving under one roof. 

Hygiene: They maintain high hygiene quality at all the outlets for their customers who plays faith in them. 

The London Bubble Co. has Kiosk and Cafe model to expand their franchise business. 

They have developed a detailed standard operating procedure that may be easily replicated across the franchisees to develop training programs for the staff this allows for a uniform experience for patrons all over.